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Jochem speaks to the Council

For a very long time I have been considering to start my own blog. However, I felt that I did not have enough to add to what all other people are already blogging. Nevertheless, time has come for me to start blogging after all!

Why now?

The immediate reason for this blog are my experiences at the 7th Council of Transgender Europe, which was held from 28 June to 1 July 2018 in Antwerp, Belgium. On beforehand, one could indicate exactly what one needed in terms of accessibility via the application form. In my case, this mainly concerns dietary requirements and enough breaks (so, moments of rest) in the programme.

The first day immediately showed that the accessibility left much to be desired. Several people were having problems with the inaccessibility of the congress. The joint frustration was great, and in an ad hoc workshop we decided to report any problem via #tgeuaccessfails via Facebook and Twitter.

For me it - quite unexpectedly - became a conference on accessibility, instead of the actual theme "Community, solidarity, empowerment - Shaping our future together". On the last day we took over the stage to share our experiences with the attendees. That was an impressive presentation!

I went to the TGEU Council as a trans activist, but I returned as a trans & disability activist. This blog is a tangible part of that.

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